A sensational tactile experience

Thanks to our proprietary technology we propose 6 uniques textures that give to the wood a new tactile and sensorial experience. The result is a pleasant touching surface where a natural feeling and exclusive appearance of the wood are perfectly balanced.

With Xilia, new styles and designs for contemporary furnishing and interior design are created from the deepest essence of wood.

Textures detail

Wood textures



Soft touch


Light brush

Deep brush

Textures detail
Why we are different
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Aesthetics & function

Our products are designed by combining the highest aesthetic result with the greatest application functionality

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Tactile sensation

Unique and rare 3D finishes based on high quality raw materials and cutting edge technologies, for an extraordinary visual and tactile sensation

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Starting from raw materials, Xilia proposes original and fully customizable processing and finishes

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Our products are perfectly suited to producing complex production runs with outstanding accuracy, and repeatability through time

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Our skills are rooted in more than 35 years in woodworking family business

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